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Automatic 4-axis Soldering RobotReturn

This machine is used for small parts assembly with high speed and accuracy. It has a maximum handling load of 6 kg, with optional arm lengths of 450 mm, 550 mm or 650 mm. Countertop, ceiling, and sidewall mount models are offered, and it complies with ISO Cleanliness (ISO14644-1:2015) and ESD standards for the models.

Automatic 4-axis Soldering Robot
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High Performance

Maximum range of motion, Max-E design for greater space utilization

0.39 second cycle time for increased total part throughput

Excellent acceleration/deceleration rates with smooth starts/stops

Higher speed up to nearly 8,000 mm/s enables the parts to run quickly and accurately

Unique high rigidity arm design for low residual vibration


Variety of Arm Types and Configurations

Available in 450, 550 and 650 mm arm lengths, allowing customers to choose the optimal working arm

Benchtop, ceiling and sidewall mounted models

ISO Clean (ISO14644-1:2015) and ESD compliant models for semiconductor and static sensitive applications such as hard disk drive assembly

Z-axis available in 180 mm (150 mm, clean) and 330 mm (300 mm, clean) arm lengths


Powerful Controller and Development Software

Epson RC+ reduces development time with industry-leading ease of use

Dual-layer controller enables high-performance or low-cost for G6 robotics solutions

Integrated options maximize system performance and reduce overall development time

Outstanding processing performance, faster than comparable Epson models


Applicable to Multiple Applications and Industries

Automotive - mirror/glass assembly, ignition module assembly, assembly and testing of headlights and taillights, transmission assembly, clutch assembly, fuel injector assembly, instrument panel assembly, hood and trunk lock assembly

Hard Disk Drive - additional protective housing, optical disk polishing, cassette assembly, high precision drive assembly

Medical - scalpel blade machining, dental instrument insert molding, pacemaker battery assembly, laser limit wire welding, hearing aid assembly

Laboratory Automation - pipette packaging, DNA test sequencing, blood analysis, test tube capping, test tube handling

Consumer Products - appliance assembly, paint brush assembly, electric toothbrush assembly, chainsaw assembly, speaker manufacturing, weed trimmer assembly, connector assembly

Industrial Products - casting equipment loading/unloading, smoke detector assembly, fiber optic connector assembly, light bulb assembly, hydraulic valve testing

Telecommunications - cell phone assembly and testing, radio assembly and testing

Pharmaceutical - custom prescription drug filling, pill packaging, protein crystal structure analysis

Solar - panel assembly

Packaging - meat packaging, box cutting and strapping, plastic part packaging, straw packaging, product packaging

Semiconductor - custom chip assembly and testing, circuit soldering, automated circuit board testing, aerospace electronics assembly

Food - meat handling, vegetable picking and cutting, product packaging

Electronics - PC board inspection, automatic cleaning of board assemblies

Model No



Countertop Installation

Ceiling Installation

Sidewall Installation

Shaft Arm Length

Shaft Arms 1-2

650 mm

Maximum Movement Speed


7900 mm/s


1100 mm/s


2400 °/s

Body Weight (without cable weight)

28 kg

29.5 kg

Repeat Positioning Accuracy


±0.015 mm


±0.01 mm



Maximum Range of Movement







150 mm (environmental specifications are standard)

180 mm (environmental specifications are clean or protective)




Rated Value

3 kg

Maximum Value

6 kg

Standard Cycle Time*1

0.39 秒

Allowable Moment of Inertia*2 for J4

Rated Value

0.01 kg·m2

Maximum Value

0.12 kg·m2

Motor Power Consumption


400 W


400 W


200 W


100 W

Top Pressure of J3

150 N

Origin Reset

No Origin Reset Required

Subscriber Circuit

15-pin (D-Sub analog interface), 9-pin (D-Sub analog interface)

Subscriber Air Circuit

∅4mm×2, ∅6mm×2

Installation Environment

Standard/clean and anti-static*3/protective*4

Applicable Controller


Safety Standard


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