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Automatic 4-axis Dispensing RobotReturn

The machine's reliability, versatility, and ease of use are upgraded to meet the needs of a wide range of automated operations. It has a built-in Ethernet port on the arm for easy connectivity. It has a battery-free motor unit for easy maintenance. Its second axis arm is angled out for a more compact profile and reduced installation space. It has a universal I/O interface for a more applicable controller.

Automatic 4-axis Dispensing Robot
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Battery free motor unit

No need to replace battery

Reduce downtime

Add Ethernet wiring port at the top of J2 joint and built-in Cat 5e camera network cable for easy installation of mobile cameras

The second axis arm is diagonally connected, resulting in a more compact appearance and reduced installation space

Universal I/O interface, more applicable controller

Like the RC700-A controller, the RC90-B controller supports two wiring methods: NPN/PNP

M/C cable with simple detachable structure

Disassembly without the use of tools, achieving easy uninstallation

Easy to install and replace robots inside the device

Model NO.






Arm Length

Axis Arms 1-2

650 mm


Joints 1-2

7900 mm/s

Joint 3

1100 mm/s

Joint 4

2400 °/s

Weight (without cable)

28 kg

29.5 kg

Positioning Precision

Joints 1-2

±0.015 mm

Joint 3

±0.01 mm

Joint 4


Motion Range(max)

Joint 1



Joint 2


Joint 3

150mm (Environmental specification is standard)

180 mm (environmental specification is clean or protective)

Joint 4



Rated Value

3 kg

Maximum Value

6 kg

Standard Cycle Time*1

0.39 秒


Inertia Moment of Joint 4*2

Rated Value

0.01 kg·m2

Maximum Value

0.12 kg·m2

Power Consumption

Joint 1

400 W

Joint 2

400 W

Joint 3

200 W

Joint 4

100 W

Pressure of Joint 3

150 N

Origin Reset


Subscriber Circuit

15-pin (D-Sub Analog Interface), 9-pin (D-Sub Analog Interface)

Subscriber Gas Circuit

∅4mm×2, ∅6mm×2

Installation Environment

Standard/Clean and Antistatic*3/Protective*4

Applicable Controller


Safety Standard


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