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Automatic 6-axis Dispensing RobotReturn

This machine is a 6-axis integrated machine with high cost performance for flexible switching.

It has a built-in controller that saves space and is easy to install.

It has a hollow wrist design for easy hand wiring.

It is battery-free motor unit for easy maintenance.

It has a wide voltage support range of AC100-240V.

Automatic 6-axis Dispensing Robot
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Controller built-in

Compact structure, easy to install! The built-in controller can reduce the requirement for installation space, greatly simplifying initial installation and reconfiguration.

Hollow wrist design

The cable can be routed through the hollow structure of the arm to avoid protruding from the side and facilitate installation.

Battery free motor unit

No battery required, reduces downtime, and facilitates maintenance. The motor unit does not require a battery and can still retain the original position data in memory, saving the trouble of replacing the battery.

Wide voltage support range, AC100-240V

It can operate between 100V and 240V AC voltage, which means it can also operate at low voltage.

Model NO





P point: center of joint 1-5

920 mm

1st to 6th joint flange surface

1000 mm


Joints 1


Joints 2


Joints 3


Joints 4


Joints 5


Joints 6


Installation environment

Standard type

Weight (without cable)

40 kg

Applicable controller

Built-in controller

Positioning Precision

Joints 1-6

±0.1 mm


Rated Value

3 kg

Maximum Value

6 kg

Permissible moment of inertia * 1

Joints 4

0.3 kg·m2

Joints 5

0.3 kg·m2

Joints 6

0.1 kg·m2

User Line Interface

None (external wiring unit option available for purchase)

User Line Interface

None (external wiring unit option available for purchase)

Power specifications



5 m

Power consumption * 5

1.2 kW


Standard I/O

Input 24, output 16 (polarity insensitive)

Remote I/O

Input 8, Output 8 (remote function has been assigned to standard I/O)

safety standards


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