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Why is Automatic Soldering Machine More Efficient than Manual Soldering?

Date:2021-09-23 11:22:58  Views: 1256
Why is Automatic Soldering Machine More Efficient than Manual Soldering?

Automatic soldering machines are much more efficient than manual soldering. Even the more skillful soldering veterans, can not continue to soldering work as long as the automated equipment with high precision and high intensity. But you also need to master some basic skills and methods in the use of automatic soldering machine. So, what skills need to master?

1. Grasp the time of heating. The automatic soldering machine can set the preheating time directly in the control panel:

Different heating speeds can be used when soldering. For example, the shape of the welding head is not good, when using a small soldering iron to weld a large soldering piece, we must extend the time to meet the requirements of the temperature of the tin. In most cases to extend the heating time is not good for electronic product assembly, this is because:

a. The bonding layer of the solder joints exceeds the suitable thickness due to prolonged heating, which causes deterioration of the solder joints' performance.

b. Printed boards, plastics and other materials subjected to too much heat will be deformed and deteriorated.

c. After the components are heated, the performance will change or even fail.

d. The surface of the solder joint is oxidized because of flux evaporation and loss of protection.