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Five Characteristics of Automatic Soldering Machine Beloved by the Electronics Industry

Date:2021-09-23 11:22:18  Views: 1888
Five Characteristics of Automatic Soldering Machine Beloved by the Electronics Industry

Automatic soldering machine, I believe that many people in the industry are not unfamiliar. Outsiders are not very familiar with, but hear the name you probably know what it is for. Soldering machine, as the name suggests, is a machine for soldering. Automatic soldering machine is a kind of automation through the soldering to the object soldered together equipment. The use of this machine welding to be more efficient and more portable than the traditional welding. So, what are the features of an automatic soldering machine? Below, we'll give you a brief introduction.

I. The common feature of automatic soldering machine is that a variety of processes can be automatically adjusted to any soldering position you want without going through the operator's own hands. The worker who operates the machine only needs to gently step on the foot switch, and the tin line can work automatically, at a fixed speed, at a fixed time, and at a fixed quantity. If the operator is skilled in the whole operation process, then it can save about 50% labor, which can save a large portion of the enterprise's expenses.

II. The automatic soldering machine is designed with a metal anti-static mode, which is safer for soldering sensitive components. It is also lighter and more flexible to use and does not take up space. Its temperature, tin feeding speed, and tin spot size are all adjustable.

III. Lead-free tin wire is a kind of tin wire specially used by automatic soldering machine, which meets the national standard. Therefore, it is widely used in various electronic connectors, LED light strings, headphone cables, computer data cables in the middle of the wiring harness, such as welding and docking.

IV. The TM welding head can sense slight changes in temperature at the front of the welding head. And within six seconds, the temperature can reach 300 degrees, the speed is very fast. In addition, there are many shapes and styles of soldering iron, which can quickly solve the difficult soldering process.

In short, the arrival of automatic soldering machine brings a lot of convenience to many enterprises. It not only saves costs, but also improves work efficiency and yield rate!