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How Does the Screws of the Automatic Screw-driving Machine Realize the Supply?

Date:2021-09-23 11:20:30  Views: 1569
How Does the Screws of the Automatic Screw-driving Machine Realize the Supply?

The screw feeding system of automatic screw-driving machine is mainly composed of hopper, dividing system, vibrating disk and air pipe. It can also be thought that the supply of screws is through the process of hook plate feeding, vibration plate feeding, screw feeder feeding screws in a whole row. Then through the guide rail neatly and orderly introduced into the distribution track, into the gas pipe. Pneumatic pressure will send the screws to the lock mouth, which is the basic process of the screw supply system.

In terms of the working principle flow of the automatic screw-driving machine, it can be divided into which major parts? Respectively, it is the (loading) supply system, locking system, and unloading system (or manual operation). How to realize the supply of screws of automatic screw-driving machine, that is, the supply system of automatic screwdriving machine, also called the feeding system .

The automatic screw-driving machine divides the whole control system into three sub-control systems, such as automatic feeding, locking system, and transmission. The whole automated assembly production line adopts the centralized control system with high reliability, good real-time performance and strong control function. It is convenient for centralized management and decentralized control, and can make the control load, function, danger, etc. relatively decentralized and hierarchical.

In modern control systems, small control systems used in industry are mainly micro-controllers and programmable controllers. And generally speaking, automatic screw-driving machines mainly use sequential control systems.

Sequence control system in the work of the instructions issued by the automatic screw-driving machine can automatically and in accordance with the sequence to complete a series of operations to achieve the purpose of control. According to the different order of the control unit instructions, the sequence control unit can be divided into: ①time sequence control unit; ②logical sequence control unit; ③ conditional sequence control unit.