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Advantages of Desktop Automatic Screw-driving Machine in Okata

Date:2021-09-23 11:43:12  Views:
Advantages of Desktop Automatic Screw-driving Machine in Okata

Automatic screw-driving equipment currently has a very wide range of applications in the market. The use of screw machine equipment can directly help enterprises to reduce labor costs. Now many enterprises are more keen to use desktop automatic screw-driving machine. It is small, easy to operate, and convenient to put into the assembly line, which can reduce 3-4 labor costs for the enterprise, and is very cost-effective. In the market we can see a variety of automation machinery and equipment, for example: we often see the automatic screw-driving machine, whose types are very diverse. There are handheld screw-driving machine, desktop automatic screw-driving machine, floor type automatic screw-driving machine, non-standard automatic screw-driving machine and so on. Customers can choose the appropriate screw machine equipment for their own needs. But now many customers are mainly purchasing desktop automatic screw-driving machine, so what are the advantages of desktop automatic screw-driving machine that can make so many customers like to purchase. Here is a brief description of the desktop automatic screw-driving machine.

What are the advantages of desktop automatic screw-driving machines?

1. The surface materials of the equipment are all made of profiles, which relatively speaking have a good guarantee on the overall appearance and quality. Basically, the appearance of the equipment will not fail in 5-6 years because of the external structure.

2. The stability of the equipment is better, no jamming. Even if the jamming is caused by abnormal situation, non-professionals can solve the jamming in a few seconds.

3. The equipment is highly applicable, replacing new products only need to replace the fixture. Each set of product locking program can be set differently, you can lock a screw machine equipment for multiple products.

4. High efficiency of the equipment, generally 1-1.5s to play a screw.You don't need to grab the screw, just put the product on the fixture to operate the equipment.

5. If there is a phenomenon of loose thread, the equipment does not feed. In the locking project torque can not reach, screws are not sent out to prevent the jamming phenomenon of the batch nozzle.

6. The feeder is equipped with inductive feeding, after locking a screw and then send a screw, there will be no repeated feeding.

7. The equipment can reduce the screw locking work of 3-4 workers and realize fully automatic production, which can reduce the labor intensity and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.