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Artificial Soldering Has Negative Effects on Human Body

Date:2021-09-23 11:44:24  Views:
Artificial Soldering Has Negative Effects on Human Body

Artificial soldering has a large negative impact on the human body.

External factors that affect soldering are temperature, solder material, and solder resist solvents.

There are many important factors that affect soldering, the most important of which are soldering temperature, solder material and flux.

I. Temperature

High temperature will lead to non-stick tin, burst tin, tin wire is directly evaporated. This is also bad for the life of the welding head, which will lead to its oxidation easily. While the temperature is too low will lead to cold welding, resulting in a short circuit. General welding do not exceed 400 degrees, the melting point of tin is between 180-240 varies, mainly determined by the composition of the tin wire.

II. Solder Material

Solder materials are made from a variety of alloys, and different alloys of tin have different features. This is mainly reflected in the melting point temperature, mechanical properties after welding, the so-called mechanical properties refers to the stress, thrust, tension. If the material of tin wire is not good, it will produce bad phenomenon such as iron not tinned, and burst tin.

At present, automatic soldering machine has been widely used in production programs in various industries, for enterprises to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. However, there are still most companies are using manual soldering, which is harmful to the body of the soldering workers. So what kind of harm will welding bring to the human body?

According to the relevant authorities, welding is harmful to the human body in the following ways:

I. To Eyes

If you don't use a welding cap and look directly at the welding, it is easy to cause mild eye burns. Electric welding will produce a high intensity of light in the short-circuit moment, I. To Eyes

If you don't use a welding cap and look directly at the welding, it is easy to cause mild eye burns. Welding welding will be in the short-circuit moment issued a high intensity light, and the degree is similar to we look directly at the sun with the naked eye.

II. To Body

There must be an electromagnetic field when a circuit is formed, and it must not be a good thing to work in an electromagnetic field for a long time.

III. Gas

Another point is that the gas evolved from the electrode's flux during welding is toxic.

IV. Ultraviolet Light

Arc light from electric welding is basically ultraviolet light, which can be harmful to the human body due to its weak penetrating power.

V. Lungs

The damage caused by welding fumes manifests itself in the form of silicosis, where soot particles are deposited in the lungs of the human body, which can cause serious damage to the human body.

Many workers will choose to seek alternative employment for the sake of their own health. As a result, enterprises will naturally fall into the problem of labor shortage, and the owner's demand for personnel will increase. As a result, most enterprises are in a vicious state of not being able to recruit personnel, thus affecting the productivity of the factory and the future development of the enterprise.

Don't worry, fully automatic soldering machine will solve this problem for you.

Since manual soldering can be hazardous to the body, it is entirely possible to use automatic soldering machines instead of manual soldering to avoid placing workers in this harmful environment! Okata's automatic soldering machines automate the process from tinning to soldering, eliminating the need for manual labor. This ensures that both quality and production are improved, while at the same time protecting the health of workers and creating a relatively harmless environment in the workshop.

If you are a business owner, choose the automatic soldering machine, your employees do not have to worry about health problems, you also do not have to worry about personnel turnover and cause incalculable losses to the company; if you are an employee, choose the automatic soldering machine, you do not have to worry about the physical condition, you do not have to worry about the daily assessment of the substandard, and do not have to worry about product quality variations.

Choosing an automatic soldering machine to provide protection for health and safety for work is a good choice for businesses.