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Knowledge of Automatic Production Line

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Automatic Production Line for Headphones

Date:2021-09-23 11:45:23  Views:
Automatic Production Line for Headphones

A brief overview of the overall idea of the headphone:

1. Standardized and Modular Design: realize flexible production and flexible expansion of production line.

2. Robot Adoption: It can realize production automation and intelligence (can realize the communication and data uploading among equipments).

3. Universal Design: the workstation has the size range of the reserved products, and the equipment can be commonly used within the size range.

4. Workstation Design: A workstation can complete the production of single or multiple processes, and a production line consists of multiple workstations.

5. Material Standardization Supporting: to achieve rapid gripping and assembly of robots, saving time (standardization of existing material storage form to improve the standardization of new product development and design of material standardization).

6. Unified Design of Feeding Area (the feeding area is uniformly designed as the outermost side of the equipment, which is convenient for staff to replenish materials).


1. The partition is put into the lifter by hand, when the suction cup sucks up 1PCS partition, the lifter goes up one material until there is no partition in the lifter, after the robot takes the partition of another unit, and the personnel come over to replenish the material.

2. Total two lifting material loading mechanism, when the robot grab the first lift, no partition, and then grab another lift material, manual loading empty lift. The bulkhead is designed as a pop-up clip type loading method, which is convenient for manual loading, so as to replenish the material without stopping.

Operation Process:

1. After labeling on the side of the outer box, it flows into the product loading and shifting station.

2.Z-axis robot sucker sucks the bottom partition into the outer box, grabs 4PCS products into the outer box, and then sucks the top partition into the outer box.

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