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How to Make High-quality Soldering Joints with Full Automation

Date:2021-09-23 11:41:56  Views:
How to Make High-quality Soldering Joints with Full Automation

How to Make High-quality Soldering Joints with Full Automation?

1. Automatic soldering machine should be placed on the welding rack.

2. Soldering machine should be supplied with tin before use. The specific method is: heating the electric soldering iron, to be just able to melt the solder, coated with flux, and then evenly coated with solder in the welding head of the soldering iron, so that the welding head is evenly coated with a layer of tin.

3. Appropriate solder should be selected from the low melting point solder wire used for soldering electronic components.

4. Flux, use 25% rosin dissolved in 75% alcohol as flux.

5. Welding method: Polishing the welding plate and the pins of the component with fine sandpaper, and coating it with flux. Use the welding head of the automatic soldering machine to dip an appropriate amount of tin and contact the solder joint. Wait until the tin on the soldering point all melted and submerged component lead 

head, the electric soldering iron head along the component pins gently lifted up to leave the soldering point.

6. Welding time should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to burn components, if necessary, tweezers can be used to clip the tube feet to help dissipate heat.

7. Solder joints should be in the shape of a sinusoidal wave peak, the surface should be bright and rounded, no sharp edges of tin, and the amount of tin is moderate.

8. The integrated circuit should be the last welding, electric soldering iron of the automatic soldering machine should be reliably grounded, or after the power failure to use the 

residual heat welding. Or use a special socket for integrated circuits, weld the socket and then insert the integrated circuit.

9. After the completion of welding, using alcohol to clean the residual flux on the circuit board, in order to prevent the charring of the flux affects the normal operation of the circuit.

Which aspects of the automatic soldering machine should be checked before leaving the machine?

1. Programmer test: the button has sound, the button function is normal;

2. Button sensitivity: press the button within one second to realize the relevant functions;

3. Spot welding function of soldering machine: spot welding, delayed spot welding, stagnant spot welding;

4. Drag welding function: straight drag, segmented drag, high and low speed drag.

5. Cleaning function: blowing normally, the volume of gas is adjustable;

6. Heating speed of 350 ℃, within 30 seconds to reach the set temperature.

7. Roaster test, programmed with spot welding and drag welding, rotating soldering program. The soldering machine runs continuously for 48 hours without any loss of steps, no collision, no crash phenomenon.