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How to Choose and Purchase a High-Quality Automatic Screw-driving Machine

Date:2021-09-23 11:39:34  Views: 1336
How to Choose and Purchase a High-Quality Automatic Screw-driving Machine

Automatic screw-driving machine is a kind of automation equipment that can automatically lock the screws to the product. China's current automatic screw-driving machine industry is developing rapidly. There will be a market only if there is a demand, so the corresponding automatic screw-driving machine manufacturers have appeared in succession. Various types and prices of automatic screw-driving machines are endless, so that customers are dazzled, do not know how to choose. Now we would like to give you a brief introduction to the tips for selecting and purchasing automatic screw-driving machines.

1. In order to enable irregular screws to pass through the screw track normally, some manufacturers enlarge most of the channels. The direct consequence of this is that the electric screwdriver is difficult to align the screw groove, which leads to screw slippage and has a great impact on the quality of the product.

2. In the mass production of screws, it is likely that there will be trimming and big head of some screws. Take some irregular screws into the screw feeder, if the automatic screw-driving machine in the normal locking process can automatically screen out the irregular screws without jamming the machine, the screw-driving machine is preferable.

3. When locking the screws normally, if the second step appears and automatically screen out the shaped screws, there will certainly be a vacant screw position. If the integrated system can immediately replenish, there will be no vacancy, which is also a skill to determine whether the screw machine is good or bad.

Automatic screw-driving machine can help enterprises to improve the efficiency of locking products, and improve product quality. Therefore, only by choosing a good automatic screw-driving machine can you save a lot of unnecessary troubles and ensure the normal work of product-locking. Choosing Okata and our production of automatic screw-driving machines will be your wise decision.