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Daily Maintenance of Automatic Soldering Machine

Date:2021-09-23 11:34:17  Views: 2519
Daily Maintenance of Automatic Soldering Machine

Today's society automatic soldering machine in the welding is more widely used. I believe that we also have a certain understanding of the automatic soldering machine. But remember not to press the welding head of the automatic soldering machine when welding. This will not only affect the welding efficiency of the automatic soldering machine, but also have an impact on product quality. It is also necessary to make regular testing of automatic soldering machine. Why should automatic soldering machines be tested regularly?

Although the machine is not like people, need to eat and sleep, but the machine also has a life expectancy. So we must often maintain the equipment in the process of use, especially the usual maintenance work can not be ignored. Automatic soldering machine is properly maintained, the use of the machine is also relatively smooth, the benefits are also easy to improve. A lot of employees may not pay attention to its maintenance, resulting in many times the machine is not used for a long time, there are a variety of problems.

Specifically, we can start from the following four aspects of the daily maintenance of automatic soldering machine:

1. Once there is oxidation of the welding head, you can grind the welding head a few more times in the place where there is a lot of solder. This can reduce the oxidized area, slowly oxidation of the welding head will disappear.

2. The welding head should be as close as possible to the component pins

3. When welding a large area of grounding or the use of lead-free solder components, the temperature can be adjusted to about 400 to 450 degrees, and can be heated for a slightly longer period of time. After welding such components, the temperature must be adjusted to about 300 to 400 degrees.

4. When black dirt is found adhering to the welding head, the dirt should be removed immediately to prevent oxidation of the welding head.

The above is about the daily maintenance of automatic soldering machine, if the machine has any problems, you can call our service hotline, we will arrange someone to solve the problem for you.

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