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Series of Ultra-high Frequency Welding MachineReturn

This series welding machine can realize non-contact welding through high frequency induction heating. It is able to complete induction heating to articles quickly, partially and directly within less than one second, without heat radiation and pre-heating, thus saving large amount of power. In addition, it can also control the temperature to keep the temperature constant.

Series of Ultra-high Frequency Welding Machine
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This series of welding machines achieve non-contact welding through high-frequency induction heating, which can quickly and directly induce heating of objects in less than a second. There is no radiation heat problem and preheating is not necessary, thus saving a lot of power supply. It can also control temperature and be used at a constant temperature.

Application Industry:

Welding of 3G and 4G antenna modules (low-frequency vibration force, high-frequency vibration magnetism, phase shifter related welding).

Performance Advantages:

A. High frequency induction heating technology only heats metals and does not harm non-metals; 

B. Adopting intelligent, full touch screen control, precise adjustment of various parameters, and four stage temperature adjustable control; 

C. Overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent, fully functional protection, truly achieving intelligence; 

D. Multi purpose machine, different crystal production can achieve welding of multiple products by simply replacing different fixtures.


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