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Five Common Detection Methods for Automatic Screw-driving Machine Failures

Date:2021-09-23 12:04:02  Views:
Five Common Detection Methods for Automatic Screw-driving Machine Failures

The problem of gas source and hydraulic source of automatic screw locking machine will often lead to the automation equipment to present problems. For example, the power supply presents a problem, including all the workshop power supply problems. Power supply power is low, stable burned, poor contact with the power plug, etc.; air or hydraulic pump is not open, pneumatic three or two pieces are not open, the hydraulic system in the relief valve or some pressure valves are not open and so on. Detection of automation equipment should include the following aspects:

1. Power supply, including the power supply of each piece of equipment and the power electricity of the workshop.

Gas source, including the pneumatic equipment required by the pneumatic pressure source.

Pressure source, including automation equipment and hydraulic equipment required by the working condition of the hydraulic pump.

2. Check whether the sensor orientation of the automation equipment shows offset

Because of the negligence of the equipment maintenance personnel, perhaps some of the sensors are faulty in their orientation. For example, there is no in place, sensor problems, and sensitivity problems. To check the sensing position and sensitivity of the sensor often, and to adjust in time if there is an error. If the sensor is out, replace it immediately. In addition, because of the automation equipment, most of the sensors in the long-term use of the sensors will present the situation of loose orientation. So in the usual maintenance, we should often check whether the orientation of the sensor is accurate and whether it is fixed.

3. Check the relays, flow control valves and pressure control valves of automation equipment

Relays and magnetic inductive sensors are the same, long-term use will also present a lap sticking condition, and then can not ensure the normal electrical circuit, need to be replaced. In the pneumatic or hydraulic system, the throttle valve opening degree and pressure valve pressure regulating bandage spring, will also be followed by the equipment of the bombardment and loose or sliding condition. These devices, like sensors, are components in automation equipment that require usual maintenance.

4. Check electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuit connections

If none of the above three steps reveal any problems, then check all circuits. Check to see if the wires in the circuit are not showing breaks, especially if the wires in the raceway are not cut off by the raceway due to pulling. Check whether the air pipe is damaged creases. Check whether the hydraulic oil pipe is blocked. If the air pipe is badly creased, replace it immediately. Replace the hydraulic oil pipe as well.

5. After ensuring that the above steps are correct, the problem may be presented in the controller of automation equipment, but may be program questions. First of all, do not be sure that the controller is destroyed, as long as there is no serious short-circuit, the controller has a short-circuit internal maintenance, and general short-circuit will not burn the controller.