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How to Determine a Good Automatic Soldering Machine

Date:2022-10-06 14:11:49  Views:
How to Determine a Good Automatic Soldering Machine

As we all know, a soldering machine, the faster the soldering speed, the better the quality of the solder joints, is the more popular. As we often say three points: fast, accurate, excellent. So what factors affect the solder quality of a soldering machine? Below to give you an introduction!

1. Equipment hardware:

Equipment hardware selection determines the stability of the operation (frame assembly, guide rail selection and drive motors determine the positioning accuracy of the equipment operation). Most of the current market selection is open-loop stepping, and it is best to choose the X-axis closed-loop, to avoid the loss of step caused by the X-axis high-speed reciprocating motion.

2. Software control factors:

To choose DSP chip for the hardware of the software controller will be better, because the hardware driver of the device is now basically upgraded from the original analog drive to the DSP digital drive, in addition to the soldering process as much as possible for the setup of some of the parameters of the delivery of the tin as well as grouping of soldering process, etc., which can refine the user experience.

3. Welding Heads:

The degree of oxidization of the welding heads determines the condition of soldering. The soldering quality of a matched new welding head must be very good. As time goes by, the oxidization degree will get worse and worse, so the soldering effect will also gradually deteriorate.

4. Solder Wire or Products:

Flux in good solder wire is uniformly distributed, which can reduce the adverse effects of soldering. When the solder wire is not even, the soldering effect will be greatly reduced, and the phenomenon of tin explosion may even occur. At the same time, the soldering material of the product as well as oxidization will also affect the soldering effect.

5. Fixture Making:

Fixture is critical in the whole production process, and the yield rate of the product is directly related to the positioning of the fixture. As there is no guarantee that the positioning of each product is in the same place, so it will also affect the consistency of the equipment.

For fast soldering and good quality solder joints, you can check if the above parts of your machine are up to standard yet!