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Q&A on Automatic Soldering Machine

Date:2021-09-23 12:02:30  Views: 3389
Q&A on Automatic Soldering Machine

There may be some unclear points about the automatic soldering machine when customers buy it for the first time. Today we will answer some of your questions.

Why should companies introduce automatic soldering machines?

As mentioned in previous articles, with the advent of the era of mechanical automation, automatic soldering machine in China has entered the fast lane, they can be seen in major electronic factories. The emergence of each thing will be accompanied by questions, the introduction of automatic soldering machine can save us labor, save money? If the equipment soldering speed is slower than manual, then I introduced the equipment is not a waste of money, it would be better to continue to use manual soldering.

 There is no excuse for bosses to have such thoughts. The purpose of the company to introduce equipment is to improve production efficiency and product quality. If the efficiency is not up to the ideal situation, then naturally it will not be introduced. However, for professionals in the industry, this idea is actually not quite right.

(Manual soldering)

We had a customer who consulted us about a vibration motor that was produced in their factory. Manual soldering needs to be placed on the product under the magnifying glass soldering, this type of product is precisely the equipment can be used for soldering, but the efficiency and manual not far from the difference. However, in this case, we do not hastily deny the equipment, after all, the product characteristics have been determined by the welding speed. But why is not as fast as artificial, companies still choose to introduce equipment?

There are just too many variable factors. I'll briefly introduce a few of them for you:

 First, the machine and equipment is simple to operate, only a simple pre-service training for workers can be done in advance, reducing the frequency of work-related injuries;

Second, the automatic soldering machine can work uninterruptedly for 24 hours, in the capacity to make up for it;

Third, the equipment welding product defective rate is low, quality is guaranteed;

Fourth, the use of automatic soldering machine can save consumables. The price of tin wire is high, manual operation will waste a lot of consumables, the equipment can control the amount of tin out each time.

Can automatic soldering machines be used in assembly lines?

Generally, automatic soldering machines are operated as a stand-alone machine and do not need to be connected to other machines and equipment. However, many customers require that the automatic soldering machine be integrated with their production line. To address this issue, competent suppliers are able to offer equipment that is integrated into the production line. After all, large companies operate in assembly lines, and a single machine is too small to meet the needs of the customer. Okata can certainly meet your requirements.

How long does it usually take for an automatic soldering machine program to be available?

Automatic soldering machine is divided into standard equipment and non-standard equipment. Customers need to provide solder product pictures or send samples to our company, the company will have the corresponding engineers to provide programs. If the product is suitable for standard equipment, the program can be out within 2 days. If the product is suitable for non-standard equipment, engineers will be for special products to do fixture samples, soldering efficiency, the overall operation of the process, the program can be completed in 3-4 days.

Automatic soldering machine program process is: customers to provide samples → to determine the customer needs to achieve efficiency → engineers preliminary assessment of which equipment is suitable for → communication with customers → customers to send samples → after-sales engineers to test soldering, calculating the number of seconds to solder a product → to do a complete soldering program

How to determine whether a solder joint meets the standard

Solder joints are not full, the height of the tin point is not consistent, will it lead to electronic products do not power up? For those who are not familiar with the soldering industry, this question may exist. The following several sets of pictures will teach you to analyze whether the solder joints meet the standard or not, and we hope that it will be helpful to those who are new to the soldering industry.

I. As shown in Figure 1, the left side of the solder joints are full, and the height of the two solder joints is consistent. Although the luster is not enough, but it does not affect the conductivity. The tin spot on the right side of the solder is not full, and the conductivity is extremely poor in this case. It is very easy to have poor contact phenomenon, and the appearance is not beautiful. If this is a trade export product, it will not pass international soldering requirements.

II. As shown in Figure 2, the solder joints can meet the electrical conductivity. The shortcoming is that the solder joints are not glossy enough and the surface is uneven, which can't reach the quality of trade and export.    

III. As shown in Figure 3, the four solder joints are full, highly consistent and glossy. This solder product is the best with strong electrical conductivity. 

IV. As shown in Figure 4, the electronic products are in the form of pins. Solder joint requirements to penetrate the pins, and the bottom of the tin is evenly filled. Solder joints are glossy and conductive, the product meets the trade and export standards.           

If you have any questions about automatic soldering machines, we will answer them for you. Okata will provide you with the best quality automation solutions.