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What Are the Advantages of Okata's Automatic Soldering Machine?

Date:2021-09-23 11:55:42  Views: 1466
What Are the Advantages of Okata's Automatic Soldering Machine?

The advantages of automatic soldering machines are as follows:

Facilitate production management: After the equipment is formally mass-produced at a later stage, its specific efficiency can be quantified. To a certain extent, it improves the overall production efficiency, but also reduces the impact of manual factors on yield and production.

Energy saving: the average power of the equipment 300-350W, relative to wave soldering and reflow soldering, the factory power savings occupy an absolute advantage. Equipment for each soldering point of the amount of tin can be accurate to 0.1mm, the soldering point set to send how long the tin wire sent how long, there is no serious waste. For manual soldering and wave soldering and other equipment, the savings in tin is also incomparable.

Product quality: Automatic soldering robots are better than manual ones, both in terms of consistency of appearance and reliability.

Assets: We use equipment for soldering, which can be used as a company asset after purchasing, increasing its value and its superiority in receiving orders. However, manual labor does not achieve this effect.