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What Roles Can Thermostatic Automatic Screw-driving Machines Play?

Date:2021-09-23 11:17:58  Views:
What Roles Can Thermostatic Automatic Screw-driving Machines Play?

The most important function of the automatic screw locking machine is to melt and complete the welding by high temperature, so the requirements for the temperature are relatively high. There are also many heating products on the market, but they cannot control the temperature well. This leads to rising temperatures, beyond the safe working temperature range. So the process of soldering is not as long as the constant temperature increase can be, but also to maintain the operation in the appropriate temperature range is the most secure, the effect of soldering is also the best.

Moreover, if the temperature keeps rising, the soldering head will be easily damaged. In order to make the effect of soldering better, but also easy to operate the machine, the current factory is basically used by the thermostatic type of soldering machine. The machine is mainly programmed to set the temperature of the solder. After the machine is turned on, it will stop heating up after it reaches this temperature point, and keep the temperature control in the range required for soldering. A trial run of the machine is done before it is officially used. When running the machine, you can see if the melting point of the solder is set appropriately, and you can also see the right ratio of rosin and alcohol.

Before starting work we should have a systematic training, so that the main operators can master the functions of the machine, the operation and the parameters of the debugging method. After the start of work, the machine can be directly normal operation, without having to spend time to familiarize themselves with the machine. The characteristics of this type of machine and equipment are also more obvious in terms of production efficiency. Because most of the past are manual form of operation, so in the operation of the above speed is limited, the day can only reach a certain maximum output, if you want to achieve a higher output will need to send additional manpower or overtime.

But the machine can adjust the speed appropriately according to the day's soldering output needs, which can make the overall output of the day to be improved. Of course, customers will certainly be concerned about whether the quality of soldering will be affected if the speed of soldering is adjusted faster. This is a standardized speed range, if the equipment parameters can be met within the scope of the speed adjustment, the precision will not be affected. In addition, the parameters can be modified according to the product of the solder. Because sometimes there may be several batches of different types of soldering products a day, so if you change the product categories on the production line, then the parameters of the machine also need to be reprogrammed.