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Three Automatic Audio Screw-driving Machines Shipped to Customers Successfully

Date:2023-01-05 08:57:00  Views:
Three Automatic Audio Screw-driving Machines Shipped to Customers Successfully

Screw machine is a small machine that can automate the locking of screws, and its action structure can be generally divided into two parts: the feeding part and the electric screw driver. The feeding part is responsible for screening and providing screws, and the electric screw driver is responsible for extracting and locking the screws. The generation of the screw machine not only improves the operational efficiency and reduces the intensity of manual work. 


Screw-driving machine, consists of a feeding system and a locking system, of which the feeding part, also known as screw arranging machine. Screw supply machine is a small automated equipment widely used in the electronic industry, which aims to improve work efficiency. It can simply line up screws in a row, and one machine can be applied to a variety of specifications of screws.

The range of screw sizes has been given some space for adjustment. It ranges from M1 to M8, and for special screws, there has been space for maneuverability and individual design.


After colleagues work overtime, 3 sets of automatic audio screw-driving machine was shipped successfully on July 8th! Thanks to the hard work of the colleagues, in order to safely ship the company's products to customers with quality assurance!