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The Advantages of Automatic Soldering Machine Have Been Popularized Nationwide

Date:2021-09-23 11:25:22  Views: 1532
The Advantages of Automatic Soldering Machine Have Been Popularized Nationwide

Automatic soldering machines have been popularized all over the country. Although there are many advantages of the soldering machine, such as: saving labor costs, higher efficiency, etc.. But in the welding process it is inevitable that there will be some problems, all of which will affect the quality of the product. So, today we give you the reasons that lead to poor welding quality.

I: The soldering iron temperature of the solder is too low or the heating time is not enough during the cold soldering process. The solder is not completely melted and moistened, or the surface of the solder is not bright enough and has cracks.

II: Too much solder is used, resulting in a buildup of tin in the solder joint; too little tin is not enough to wrap the solder joint.

III: The solder on the surface of the solder joint forms a sharp tip. This is mostly caused by insufficient heating temperature or too little flux, as well as incorrect angle of the soldering iron away from the solder joint.

IV: A layer of rosin is sandwiched between the solder and the components or the printing plate, resulting in poor contact with the electric connection. If the rosin mixed with insufficient heating, there is a layer of yellowish-brown rosin film under the solder joints; heating temperature is too high, the rosin that will become black. For these two cases, the former can use a soldering iron to make up the welding. For those that have been carbonized, it is necessary to replenish the tin. Clean the soldering element or printing surface, and then re-solder.

V: Excessive soldering flux and too much rosin residue around the solder joint. When there is a small amount of rosin residue, gently heat with a soldering iron to let the rosin evaporate away. You can also use a cotton ball dipped in anhydrous alcohol to wipe away excess rosin or solder.

VI: Solder connections. Excessive amount of solder, resulting in short circuits between the solder joints of the components. It is necessary to pay more attention to the relatively small components and small printed circuit boards for automatic soldering.