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How to Debug a Reasonable Soldering Machine Program Quickly

Date:2021-09-23 11:24:36  Views: 2169
How to Debug a Reasonable Soldering Machine Program Quickly

How to quickly debug a reasonable soldering machine program into production? Automatic soldering machine is originally to replace manual work. It just replaces one action of manual soldering, but there is no way to be as flexible as manual, so it needs to be adapted in many ways. 

I: Select the welding head suitable for the product to match as much as possible. A suitable welding head will affect the quality and efficiency of welding. 

II: Learn about the welding pad material of the product itself, the preheating situation and the state of heat conduction, to debug the appropriate temperature. 

III: Selection of low and high frequency equipment. Learn about the basic characteristics of the product and the degree of difficulty of loading tin. Some special products need to choose high-frequency equipment to weld in order to achieve the desired welding effect. 

V: The preheating time of the product. Some products are slow heat conduction, we need to set the preheating time a little longer to ensure that the product can be normally on the tin.

IV: The direction of the welding head above the soldering machine, and the contact point of the welding head and the pad is quite important. Each time the technique is destined to different welding quality and effect, it is necessary to try more. 

Automatic soldering machine equipment is required to be debugged from different aspects. It needs personnel with welding experience to operate the equipment well and debug the equipment. Each product debugging, are required many experiments to get the welding program suitable for the product. We need to have patience and try in many ways.